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Enforceability of Real Estate Law & Legal Certainty

Enforceability of Real Estate Law & Legal Certainty

The principle of Enforceability of Law & Legal Certainty guarantees that the authorities and the society will accomplish the statements of the law. The right to private ownership in the Dominican Republic is established in article 51 of the Constitutional Law; this provision equally protects the right to private ownership of Dominican citizens and foreigners.

Real estate fundamental is granted in Law 105-08 that consolidates and implements mechanisms and all procedures to exhaust rapid and secure processes before title registry and creates the tools for the enforceability and protection of property ownership.

The Dominican legal system enshrines the Enforceability of Real Estate Law & Legal Certainty, which is of fundamental importance for law and society. It has been vital in stabilizing normative expectations and providing a framework with enough clarity that protects legitimate interests in a rapidly changing global community. Also, the Dominican legal framework has a clear guideline to be followed, and the commitment formed with local and foreign investors interested in doing business in our country is maintained

The principle of legal certainty is an essential guarantee for the benefit of foreign investors when doing business in the Dominican Republic. This principle guarantees that the rights of foreigners will be protected by law in the same way that the rights of citizens are protected. In addition, the international community often values the principle of legal certainty to grant international qualifications, such as Doing Business magazines, to qualify that the Dominican Republic is a safe country to do business