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The lawyers and accountants at Confidente Cueto are experts in corporate law. We have the experience to advise our clients in all matters related to business and company formation, bearing in mind the legal and tax considerations that affect the creation and operation of businesses in the Dominican Republic.


Incorporating companies swiftly and efficiently and establishing corporate governance structures are among the main services that Confidente Cueto offer to those seeking to do business in the Dominican Republic. Commencement of the incorporation process requires understanding of the type of investment and intended business activity, so that a proper corporate model is chosen.


Formal registration of a company for transacting business in the Dominican Republic is required, particularly in light of increasing governmental limitations on informal or private companies.


Confidente Cueto is dedicated to effectively and efficiently navigating clients through these corporate legal waters of the Dominican Republic.

Company Type Number of Partners Minimum Share Capital Management Body
Limited Liability Company (SRL) Minimum Two (2) Minimum one hundred thousand pesos (RD $ 100,000.00) General Assembly
Individual Limited Liability Company (EIRL) Only One (1) Designated by owner Manager
Sociedad Anónima (SA) Minimum Two (2) Thirty Million pesos (RD $ 30,000,000.00) Board of Directors, consisting of 3 people
Simplified Corporation (SAS) Minimum Two (2) Three million pesos (RD $ 3,000,000.00) It is established by statutory provision

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